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Balance Your Chakras with Kundalini Yoga 


Overcome stress, increase your energy, tap into your creativity,

establish a spiritual connection and manifest your desires by releasing physical, mental and emotional blocks.  


  • You feel overwhelmed and stressed trying to manage everything and need to find some balance and joy in your life

  • You worry about making decisions rather than trusting your “gut feeling”

  • You seek a spiritual connection to make your life more meaningful

  • You constantly feel physically drained, unmotivated and are looking for a way to get your “spark” back

Does this sound like you?

Hi! I’m Mary and over the past 15 years I’ve taught Kundalini Yoga to women, giving them the tools they need to overcome stress, balance their emotions, establish a daily practice and connect to Spirit.

I love sharing Kundalini Yoga with women so they can transform their lives with this accessible yoga practice.


  • Could “fire up” your energy everyday with just a few simple techniques and sustain it all day

  • Make the right choices in your life by trusting your intuition

  • Speak in your authentic voice without fear of the reaction of others

  • Reduce your daily stress so you can create the life you want to live

  • Find a practice that’s accessible regardless of age, level of fitness or experience that benefits your body, mind and spirit.

Imagine if you:

Well you can! 

That's why I created this special course.


Balance Your Chakras with Kundalini Yoga


Balance Your Chakras with Kundalini Yoga is an eight week in-depth online course on the ancient Hindu chakra system that will explain how the health of your body’s energy affects all areas of your life and how you can shift your body’s energy with Kundalini Yoga. Each week, we will explore one of the eight chakras in-depth.  


In this course, you will:

  • Learn where chakras are located in the body and what physical issues are associated with it

  • Understand  the function, issues, motivation, desire and purpose of each chakra

  • Determine whether a chakra is balanced or unbalanced by identifying the emotional, mental, physical states as well as belief and behaviors

  • Learn which yoga poses, essential oils and crystals help balance each chakra

  • Practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation specifically for each chakra

Balance the Chakras With Kundalini Yoga

 begins on September 22, 2022

Why you will love it:

Live Online Sessions 

8 live online sessions so we can check in and practice together each week


Re-plays of each session will be available within 24 hours so you can practice the class over the next week.

PDF Handouts

Weekly PDF will be emailed directly to you covering information in the upcoming session.

Private Facebook Group

Access a private Facebook Group specifically for this course where additional content will be posted and you can ask any question or share your experiences during this course.

The Curriculum

Each week we will cover a specific chakra and you’ll:

  • Learn the characteristics, function and location of the chakra

  • Understand the beliefs, behaviors, emotions and mental state associated it so you will know if the chakra is balanced or not

  • Practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation specifically for that chakra


MODULE 1: Muladhara: The Root Chakra - Establishing a solid foundation


MODULE 2: Svadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra-Creativity, Emotions, Sexuality


MODULE 3: Manipura: The Navel Chakra-Home of Your Personal Power


MODULE 4: Anahata:  The Heart Chakra- Love and Compassion, Connection to All


MODULE 5: Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra-The Power of Your Word


MODULE 6: Ajna: The Third Eye Chakra-Connecting with Your Intuition, Your Wisdom


MODULE 7: Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra-Connect to the Divine


MODULE 8: The Aura: The Eighth Chakra for Radiance

Heart-Chakra-Symbol-final (1).png
Throat-Chakra-Symbol-final-300x300 (1).png
third-eye-chakra-symbol_orig (1).png
crown chakra (1).png
 Didital mockup (1).png

Balance Your Chakras With Kundalini Yoga 

Begins September 22nd





Here’s everything you get when you sign up for: 

  • Eight live weekly sessions covering each chakra

  • Eight weekly PDF handouts emailed directly to you covering information in the upcoming session.

  • Re-plays of each session will be emailed to you within 24 hours so you can practice the class over the next week.

  • A private Facebook Group Community



  • After the course is over you will receive a Kundalini Yoga practice video that puts it all together and balances all the chakras.

Enrollment Ends September 19th
Register today!

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Payment Plan

Easy Monthly Payments

2 Payments of $137

Single Payment

1 Payment of $249

Best Value! You Save $25

Here's what people are saying....

“I love these online classes so much. They improve my flexibility and stamina— my peace of mind is restored each time.  I’m grateful they’re affordable and accessible to me from my home in Maine.” B.J.

"I am new to on-line yoga classes and am so grateful to have found Cape Cod Kundalini. It is a joy to be practicing kundalini again, in a tent in Portugal! I remember how much I love the energy of kundalini rising. Attending a weekly class with Mary has inspired me to create a daily I feel strength, clarity and presence growing each week." L.R

"Kundalini yoga has been a game changer for me. My busy schedule had kept me from maintaining a consistent practice in the past. But, with the convenience of the online class format she is offering now, I am grateful to be able to participate regularly again. I have been following Mary for years, and truly love her teaching style. She is warm, welcoming, and often makes us laugh. :) She is very thorough with her explanations, offering options for each exercise to accommodate everyone from beginner to advanced - and always cheering us on with encouraging words when it may be a bit challenging. I leave class feeling great and interesting mix of being simultaneously energized and relaxed. If you are considering Kundalini yoga, I highly recommend Kundalini Cape Cod!" L.C.


About Mary

Mary Mullin is a 500 hour Kundalini Yoga teacher and has over 25 years of teaching experience. She is certified to offer the Excel & Celebrate Program for Women, Kundalini Yoga for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Yin Yoga classes. 


She is  passionate about sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and infusing her knowledge of the chakras, Ayurveda, energy healing, and the meridian system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine into her classes.

Understanding of the chakra system and practicing Kundalini Yoga has helped her make shifts in my life, and now she would like to share this information with you.


Frequently asked questions

1. What are the course dates? We will meet live on Zoom every Thursday from 7:00-8:30PM. The course dates are:

  • Thursday, September 22nd 

  • Thursday, September 29th

  • Thursday, October 6th

  • Thursday, October 13th

  • Thursday, October 20th

  • Thursday, October 27th

  • Thursday, November 3rd


2. How do I join the online classes?  All classes are via Zoom so you can practice with us from anywhere with your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device! Class times are Eastern Time (US and Canada). After you register you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link  Check your spam folder if you don't see it.  You will use the same link for each class. Before joining a Zoom class you can download the Zoom app from their  Download Center. Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link.


3.  What if I miss a class? Don't worry if you miss a class. You will receive a recording of the class within 24 hours. Plus you will have lifetime access to the course.


4. I've never done yoga and I'm not flexible at all.  Can I participate in this series? YES! This series is for the absolute beginner, regardless of age, shape or ability. It's said if you can move and breathe, you can practice Kundalini Yoga! 

5. What should I wear?  You can wear any comfortable clothes. You don't need to go out and buy special "yoga clothes".

6. Do I need any special equipment/props?  All you need is a yoga mat however some students find it helpful to have a blanket, yoga strap, cushion, pillow or yoga block for extra support or modifications. 

Join me online
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